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Do you know that 1 in every 5 videos on Facebook is a live streaming ? Whether it’s a Facebook Live , a YouTube Live , Instagram live stories , or Periscope, live commerce can boost your eCommerce store sales tremendously, and here’s how.

What Is Live Commerce Video?

Why Is Live Video Good for an eCommerce Store Marketing?

How to Use Live Streaming in eCommerce Marketing?

Tips for a Successful Live Streaming

What Is Live Commerce Video?

Live video streaming is a service that lets anyone record and broadcast a video from their mobile phone in real time to a base of audience, with the ability to comment, reply, and engage with the viewers in real time.

This live streaming service is available on many channels: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Facebook has launched Facebook Live back in 2016, and, since then, people have been engaging, watching, and sharing more than ever before.

For example, a survey in 2018 showed that 78% of online audiences are watching video on Facebook Live. That’s how important live commerce is!

Why Is Live Video Good for an eCommerce Store Marketing?

Marketers and eCommerce store owners instantly fell in love with the idea of broadcasting a live video from a social platform for many reasons (live commerce).

Videos are powerful means to communicate a brand’s story. There might be plenty of other eCommerce stores selling the exact same products, but what makes a difference and sets one online store from the other is showcasing the brand’s personality and establishing a personal connection with the target customers. As live videos are far more personal and intimate than scripted content, a real-time live video is great to build a relationship with fans and followers who could be loyal customers to your online store .

In addition, studies and surveys have proven that users interact with live commerce videos more than other forms of content. In fact, Facebook Live videos see three times the engagement of traditional videos shared on the platform. That might be because viewers are highly involved in this type of video streaming; they can invite friends to watch a live video with them, get notified when their favorite brand is going live, comment on the video and say their opinion out loud, and react to what’s happening in real time. Facebook Newsroom said, “We’ve seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

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How to Use Live Streaming in eCommerce Marketing?

There are some techniques done by famous brands using live videos to market for their eCommerce stores and selling to an interested audience. These techniques have proven successful and are driving much more traffic than other marketing techniques.

Why don’t you learn from the best, and then tailor such live video marketing techniques to fit your eCommerce business needs and personality!

1. Host a Live Series on a Regular Basis

One very useful marketing tip is to record a live video series talking about your product in a way or another.

Host a famous figure who uses your product to talk about it, interview some of the audience to know their feedback, give some tips and tricks from an expert, or show other usages of…

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