Black Friday: Black Friday Predictions for 2019

With the biggest shopping event of the year approaching, here are our experts’ predictions for how Black Friday 2019 will play out.

The exciting thing about Black Friday is that anything can happen. And every year, there are plenty of surprises.

But patterns have emerged over time. With the biggest shopping event of the year less than 100 days out, here are our experts’ predictions.

As Nov. 29 gets closer, you can see if our predictions are correct by checking out the official Black Friday ad scans.

Spending & numbers predictions: Black Friday 2019 will be bigger than ever

No source tracks overall (in-store and online) Black Friday spending. But, based on online spending, we forecast the biggest Black Friday ever.

We predict that Black Friday sales (combined Black Friday and Thanksgiving spending) will surpass $12 billion dollars online this year. That’s based on the growth we’ve seen since 2016 (spending numbers according to Adobe Analytics). If Black Friday online spending growth simply tracks with last year’s, we’ll see a more than $12 billion haul.

Day  Online spending totals pending 
Thanksgiving + Black Fri. 2016 $5.27 billion (17.7% increase YoY)
Thanksgiving + Black Fri. 2017 $7.9 billion (49% increase YoY
Thanksgiving + Black Fri….

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